Rob Churchill is a writer based in London. Having studied drama at university for no good reason, Rob spent time as a community arts worker and marketing officer in a regional theatre before trying his hand at writing.

He has written scripts for various production companies in Britain and abroad, including the BBC and Pro7 (Germany), and his feature film script “Out On A Limb” (with Bob McCabe) was produced in 2004 and subsequently won ‘Best Comedy’ at Francis Ford Coppola’s Wine County Film Festival. Rob’s book, “The Voynich Manuscript” (co-written with Gerry Kennedy) was published in 2005 to critical acclaim and minimal sales. In 2007 he took part in the EON screenwriters’ workshop but was unfortunately not offered the role of Bond in their latest movie.

Rob met Jennifer in 2001 and collaborated with her on several successful projects before becoming a founding member of the company.