Yukon Ho! (Tall Tales from the Great White North: Chapter 3 – Skinning a Squirrel)

Venture to the remote wilds of the Yukon Territory, Northern Canada with Yukon Ho! — A solo comedy dance show full of character(s), humour and a darker side that comes with the Territory. Co-written by award-winning writer Rob Churchill, expect to laugh, holler, quaff questionable cocktails and become Bear Aware.

Join “Intrepid” Jen, award-winning choreographer, performer, and real-life Yukoner as she spins tall tales from the frozen north to bring you a boisterous, cabaret-style survival guide to an unbelievable life in the Yukon.

It is all mostly true.

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Watch the trailer HERE.

Edinburgh Fringe Review HERE.


Choreography and Performance: “Intrepid Jen” Jennifer Irons

Writer and Rehearsal Director: Robert “Skookum” Churchill

Movement Consultant: Christian “Double Bit” From

Costume and Design: Claire “Ginger Princess” Campbell

Prosthetics: “Efficacious” Emily Tidball

Researcher (Whitehorse): “Doodle Deb” Debbie Frizzell

Dramaturgy: “Dramaturgical Don” Donald Hutera

Lighting: “Lucky” Lucy Hansom

Fake Service Poem written by Rob Churchill

Spell of the Yukon written by Robert Service – “Bawdy Rhymer of the Yukon”

Thank you to: DanceWest, SouthEast Dance, Brighton Youth Centre, Kingston University, Rambert School and Wayne McGregor Studios Free Space Program for rehearsal space and artistic support. Special thank you to Rosie Witney-Fish, Donald Hutera, Linzi Whitton and Emily James-Farley, “Double Down” Darren Bartsch and “Calamity Kate” Davidson of Yukon Sourdough Rendezvous Society, Nick Lawson, Zach Walker, Joel Irons and all the Yukoners who have shared their tall tales (true or otherwise).

Originally commissioned by Ignition Festival for DanceWest supported by Arts Council England and Royal Borough of Kingston.