During WWI, 250,000 Belgian refugees lived, worked, and went to school in the UK. When the war ended, almost all left without a trace. Memories Flow Through Me… is inspired by their story and the examines the current situation of refugees around the world today.

The show is an outdoor pop-up performance, premiered at Cambridge Gardens in East Twickenham where many of the Belgians worked in the Pelabon Munitions Factory. The title comes from a 2014 poem written in tribute to the refugees by a local girl from Orleans Primary School; where many of the Belgian children went.

Commissioned by Richmond Upon Thames Arts Service

Supported by Arts Council England


Choreographer:         Jennifer Irons


Tim Casson

Aimee Leigh

Siobhan Maguire-Schwartz

Gabrielle Martin

Lucy McMahon

Dominic Rocca

Dramaturg:               Christian From

Designer:                  Rachel Mathewson

Music:                       Belgian Dance Organ (traditional)

Max Richter (recomposed Vivaldi’s Four Seasons)

Producer:                  Cintra Thorpe

Boat Services:           Richmond Bridge Boat Houses