Youth Dance England – All in a Days Work/Play/Dance

ironINC were invited to work with Sole Youth Dance Company to create an original site-specific work in the architecturally stunning foyers of Artsdepot especially for Youth Dance England’s Brightest Young Things Festival at Artsdepot.

The two groups met for the first time that morning and then spent 7 hours exploring movement and sound throughout the building. Based on the ideas of how we view dance as a career, the result was performed as the opening of the show that same evening.

Participant comments: ?”I thought it was a very different way of expressing dance, but found it fun and had a good day.”

“I felt I got really into what we were learning and my character. I really enjoyed myself.”

Organizers’ comments:? “I was thrilled by the quality of work created by the team from ironINC. The work they made with the young people was both edgy and accessible, taking dance somewhere very cool and not at all pretentious. An incredibly organized team, who delivered exceptionally within the very tight and challenging brief I had given them.”

Luke Pell, Education Manager, Artsdepot