In the summer of 2010, Jennifer traveled to Johannesburg, South Africa as a choreographer in the international residency that investigated relationships between dance, music, and lighting.

Collaborating with 31 other artists from around the globe and mentored by Michel Kelemenis and Vincent Mantsoe they worked extremely intensively to experiment, create and perform a new piece every day for 5 days. In the final week, they worked with a single team to develop a piece that was performed in the showcase at the Newtown Dance Centre on the final evening.

Her final work, “Be Longing,” was about the ins and outs of being in between relationships and the empty spaces we leave or are left behind. It explored vulnerability, wanting and desire, and all that awkwardness of when you just don’t know what to say.

Directed by: Jennifer Irons

Devised and Performed by: Ori Lenkinski (Israel), Sonnbyboy Motau (South Africa), and Laure Jean de Vries (South Africa)

Composer: Thokozani Mhlambi (South Africa)

Lighting Design: Nkululeko Mazibuko (South Africa)

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