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ironINC’s debut was made in the 2006 season of Resolution! at the Place with “Due to Unforeseen Circumstances.” Dealing with the themes of life, love and motor vehicles, the production included amongst other things, a bus stop, a boy band and a motorcycle. To great acclaim, the show was toured to the Big Dance at British Library, Theatre Museum in Covent Garden and The Big Chill Festival 2006.


“Jennifer Irons’ Due To Unforeseen Circumstances…” careens between styles and situations. And what a great ride, a free-wheeling sequence of riffs on the theme of love and motor vehicles -bodywork, maintenance, breakups and breakdowns. This cool, canny piece was a lift for the audience too.”

Sanjoy Roy, Dance reviewer for the Guardian

“Due To Unforeseen Circumstances… Jennifer Irons’ collaboration with the seven performers, was a crowd-pleasing piece of dance-theatre. It shed new light on the relationships between men and women and…motor vehicles. Dextrously composed and performed, and the audience laughed throughout.” Constantina Markides, Resolution reviewer

“Best fiver I ever spent!” Leonie McDonagh, Choreographer


Created and performed by the company: Christian From, Robert Gentle, Jennifer Irons, Joel Irons, Nick Lawson, Ann Pidcock, Stephen Robinson, Jane Shepp

Director: Jennifer Irons

Composer: Joel Irons

Writer: Rob Churchill

Costumes: Ann Pidcock

Lighting: Christian From