Commissioned by the European Association of Dance Historians

“When Handel Met Salle” was commissioned as part of the 300th Anniversary Celebrations of iconic French choreographer Marie Salle and her relationship to Georg Frederic Handel. Sharing a bill with baroque dancers and the baroque company Mercurius, Jennifer and ironINC were asked to explore where contemporary dance has gone in the past 3 centuries.

Performed with live orchestra of the Royal College of Music and conducted by Ashley Solomon, the resulting duet aired all the dirty laundry of a relationship tired of the mundane and keeping up appearances.

Director: Jennifer Irons

Performed and devised by: Steve Johnstone, Susannah Rickman

Designer: Laura Wareham

Dramaturg: Madeleine Winn Jones

Music from “Terpsichore” by Georg Frederic Handel

Performed by: the Royal College of Music Orchestra of Early Music

Conductor: Ashley Solomon