“Remember a good wife always knows her place….” – 1950’s Good Housekeeping Guide

Everything’s Swell is a duet for housewives-on-the-verge-of-a-nervous-breakdown.


Premiered at the Creative Engagement/Studio 1 Fundraiser at Bernie Grants Arts Centre in Jennifer’s local area of Tottenham. Performing alongside Birdgang, Ballet Black and Uchenna Dance, ironINC were delighted to be able to contribute to the future of Creative Engagement and to Studio 1.

Everything’s Swell was created out of a period of supported research by Creative Engagement/Studio 1 with Selma Nichols. 

Director: Jennifer Irons

Devised and Performed by: Sarah Blanc and Jennifer Irons
Photography: Michael Antoniou

With special thanks to Sharon Coleman and Jenny Henry for costume assistance.