ironINC’s most recent outing was a specially created site-specific and audience immersive adventure on the banks of a tiny lake on the fully working dairy farm at Winsdon in Cornwall.

Exploring the disintegration of women as viewed through the ages and how the ideas of ‘ladylike’ and ‘unladylike’ have changed (and how they haven’t) “Fallenin” was an Alice in Wonderland journey where the audience could choose which surreal, exquisite, funny or downright scary adventure they wanted to follow.

Culminating with an all-hands-on-deck cake fight, the show was the kick off to the Saturday night DJ line up of the festival.


Director: Jennifer Irons

Performed and devised by: Laure Bachelot, Sarah Blanc, Claire Dufois, Shantala Sacco and Jennifer Irons

Live Double Bass: Sam Alty

Dramaturg: Rob Churchill

Art Direction: Claire Campbell

Lighting Design and Technical Manager: Zach Walker

Technical Team: Gavin Garmiston, Hugh Fasher, Darren ‘Urban’ Ibbetson

Special thanks to Avallon Festival and the Winsdon Farm and all those who helped make the show such a treat!