In winter 2007, Jennifer led the Performance Project as part of Adult Classes and Courses at the Place. Working with 11 performers from wildly diverse creative and professional backgrounds, “But Seriously?” was the result of 3 months’ exploration into what constitutes serious art and whether or not we sometimes take it, and life just a little too seriously.

Ranging from the tragic to the absurd, this highly acclaimed production was presented as an emotionally charged performance through 70’s beat poetry, marching bands on speed and phantom punch-ups.

Devised and Performed by:

Amaryllis Rizou
Amina Khayyam
Assael Romanelli
Carlos Morales
Carlotta Destro
Keeli Sorensen
Lena Pellandini-Simanyi
Lina B. Frank
Nigel Talamo
Patricia Adler
Tanja Albert


“It is indeed a rare event for art to move a hardened critic to tears, even one as lachrymose as myself. However, this is precisely what happened when I saw Jennifer Irons’ (ironINC Dance Company) production, …But Seriously? at The Place. A one-night event, it demonstrated how closing the gap between intention and invention can truly make for powerful and emotive art. Humour, tragedy and love were portrayed with truly innovative choreography and brilliant teamwork (DVD available from the Place). A singular contemporary dance piece, …But Seriously? should have a long season at a prominent venue. Seriously.”

-Richard Dyer, Contemporary Magazine

“Strikes a fine balance between de-constructed choreography and unabashed exuberance.” ? – Dr Kathy Battista, Sothebys Institute